Government committed to solve problems of people faced by private banks: Minister Kota Srinivasa Poojari

Bengaluru, Mar. 24, 2021 ( “Our Government is committed to solve any kind of problems that people may face from private banks,” opined Kota Srinivasa Poojari, Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council.
In his reply on behalf of the Chief Minister B.S. Yedyurappa, with respect to a question raised by JDS member H.M. Ramesh Gowda in the Legislative Assembly under Rule 330, he said, “We will send state-level leaders to the place where protestors are demonstrating against several problems that they are facing from several banks including HDFC Bank, and take all necessary measures to solve the problems as early as possible.”


JDS MLC Ramesh Gowda alleged that several private banks were fleecing the people by luring them to avail loans by assuring that they won’t face any problems. “But once they get signatures on the documents they start harassing the customers in the name of recovery of loans. Complaints of physical and mental harassment are increasing and there are also examples where many people have committed suicide unable to tolerate the torture of the bank recovery men,” he explained.
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