“We will definitely lose control over Corona – Minister K. Sudhakar expresses dissatisfaction on star actors movie promotion

Bengaluru, Mar. 24, 2021 (www.justkannad.in): Health and Medical Education Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar today expressed his dissatisfaction over the huge gathering of people during star film actors promotion programs. He requested the film stars to compulsorily wear masks and also create awareness among their fans to follow guidelines.
Speaking about the above-mentioned issue today in Bengaluru Dr. K. Sudhakar mentioned that there are all possibilities that the state will lose its control over Corona in the coming days. “Many film stars are engaged in the promotion of their films, where thousands of people will gather without following any social distancing and other guidelines. Hence, I request the film stars to wear a mask and follow guidelines without fail and also create awareness among their fans about this,” he added.
He also requested the heads of various maths to prevent conducting jatra mahotsavs, fairs, etc, or else the State will come under danger zone.
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