Festival of Development programme successful – MLA S.A. Ramadas

Mysuru, Nov. 11, 2020 (wwwjustkannada.in): At a press meet held in a private hotel in Mysuru, MLA S.A. Ramadas informed that the ‘Namo Diwas Namaskar-Festival of Developments’ Programme, held as part of PM Narendra Modi’s birthday celebrations is being held successfully.
The two-month long online programme being held to observe the 70th birthday of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi was inaugurated by litterateur Sri S.L. Byrappa. As part of the programme, efforts are made to collect suggestions, opinions and views about various government of India programmes from citizens.
A sum of Rs. 50,000 cash prize is given to the candidate who gives the best suggestion. A total sum of Rs.2.75 lakh will be distributed as cash prize for 10 persons. The first prize winner will be declared as ‘Atmanirbhar Bharatiya’ and will get an opportunity to meet PM Modi, he said.Namo-Divas-Namaskara-Festival-Development- Measures-Program-Successful-Legislator-S.A.Ramadas
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