“Will he get respect as soon as he wears a rug?” Siddaramaiah on CM Bommai

Bengaluru, October 26, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): The war of words between the political leaders has continued. Opposition leader Siddaramaiah today said, “CM Bommai is seen seeking votes by wearing a rug. Will he get the respect by just wearing it?”
Speaking in Bengaluru today, Siddaramaiah said, “Who prepares blankets? Is it not Kurubas? Will the people who belong to CM Bommai’s caste make blankets? If so for whom should the credit and effort belong, is it not Kurubas? Will he earn respect just by wearing it?”
In his response to the BJP leader’s statement that Siddaramaiah is doing caste-based politics, Siddaramaih said, “It is the humanists who created the caste system. Should we learn a lesson from them,?” he questioned. “Who created the four races, categories? Now, who is proposing it? It is the humanists who created it. Humanists mean BJP people. We don’t have to learn lessons from them,” he added.
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