The Govt. of India wants to make social justice disappear for backward castes: K.S. Shivaram

Mysuru, September 28, 2021 ( As the demand for national level caste-based census is increasing the BJP led government in the center has informed the Hon’ble Supreme Court on 23.09.2021 that it is not possible to conduct the caste-based census (backward castes). This shows that the Govt. of India is against the development of backward castes and is committed to making social justice disappear for the backward castes, opined Karnataka State Backward Castes Awareness Forum State President K.S. Shivaram.
The Karnataka State Backward Castes Awareness forum had organized a protest in Mysuru demanding the Govt. of India to permit to conduct of backward castes census. In his address K.S. Shivaram informed that the caste-based census is important in order to reach out the government facilities for the establishment of an equal society. “The British had conducted caste-based census (1931), after that, it has not been conducted. In the present time, the backward caste people need to obtain their rights. Thus it will help them to join the mainstream society,” he explained.
Keywords: Caste based census/ Backward castes/ social justice/ K.S. Shivaram