‘Saptapadi program to be held at Chamundeshwari Temple in future’ – Minister Kota Srinivasa Poojari

Mysuru, Mar. 26, 2021 (www.justkannadain): Muzrai Minister Kota Srinivasa Poojari today informed me that the Saptapadi program will be held in the coming days at the Chamundeshwari temple.
He visited the Chamundi hills and had darshan of goddess Chamundeshwari today. Speaking about the Saptapadi wedding program he explained that it is his wish that the program should be held systematically. “14 weddings have taken place at the Chamundeshwari Temple and 17 in Najangud. We have scheduled the date of Saptapadi wedding program at the Srikanteshwara Temple in Najangud on April 22. We have plans to conduct the program at the Chamundeshwari temple in the coming days,” he added.
He also informed that similar mass marriage programs would also be held in 100 different temples across the state including Talkad. “Because of Corona pandemic this year the number of mass marriages has been limited and different dates have been fixed. We will try to conduct mass marriages every month. We also have considered requests from people to fix the date of mass marriages based on the local traditions and it will be followed in the future,” he informed.Saptapadhi- program -again - Chamundeshwari Temple -  Minister -Kota Srinivasa Poojary.
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