Mysuru ring road accident: Who was riding the bike?

Mysuru, Mar. 26, 2021 ( In an accident that took place in the Mysuru ring road a person named Devraj was killed while police were inspecting the vehicles. However, there is no similarity between the statement in the video released by the police concerning this accident and the statement given in the complaint registered by the wife of the deceased person, which has led to suspicion.
The bike rider Devraj fell from his bike in the Mysuru ring road on 22.03.2021 and died. One of his friends, pillion rider Suresh was injured and was admitted to the hospital. A few hours after the accident took place the police video recorded a statement from the injured person and released it.mysore- accidenrt-case-devaraju –wife- Complaint
In that video, the injured person had confessed that it was not a mistake by the police. Devraj was riding the bike and he was riding the pillion. When they were passing on the ring road a truck hit them, the statement read.
But in the complaint FIR, the deceased person Devraj’s wife has mentioned that Devraj was riding the pillion and Suresh was riding the bike. As there is a difference between both these statements it has led to suspicion.
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