Resignation for the post of CM: BSY sends strong message to the opposing faction from New Delhi

New Delhi, July 17, 2021 ( Chief Minister B.S. Yedyurappa has sent a strong message from New Delhi to the people of his own party in the State who are opposing him.
“There is no question of resigning me as the Chief Minister. The high command has not asked me to resign. All t his rumors are rubbish. I will come to New Delhi again in the first week of August to meet the BJP national leaders,” he informed speaking in Delhi.
“There is no need to answer to the rumors. I will visit Delhi again in the month of August to discuss various developmental issues with the leaders,” he added.
In his response to the Mekedatu project, BSY said, “It is not correct on the part of Tamil Nadu to oppose the project. This project won’t affect Tamil Nadu in any way. We will try to explain this and convince the people concerned and commence the works as soon as possible. I wish people of both states should behave like brothers. I will make all required efforts for this.”
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