Reservation required for backward classes: Justice Nagamohan Das

Jayanagara, December 12, 2022 ( “The Government has provided reservation for all community people in the country. However, due to lack of awareness many people are not aware of it. Reservation is required for the backward classes,” opined Justice H.N. Nagamohan Das.
He participated in an interaction program on the topic, “Constitution, Democracy, Reservation,” held at the Jayanagara National College, organized by the Kannada Department and Jana Madhyama today.
He replied to several questions asked by the students on reservation and constitution. Prof. Kigga Rajashekar expressed his view that it is our Constitution which has allowed all of us of us to get education and live in this society.
Activist Mavalli Shankar explained the students about the importance and significance of the Constitution. Jana Madhyama founder B. Rajashekarmurthy explained about reservation.
N.E.S. Seretary Prof. S.N. Nagaraj Reddy, Principal Dr. Y.C. Kamala, Deputy Principal H.C. Bellad, PUC Principal Prof C.R. Sampath Kumari, Kannada Department Head Dr. Pappanna, Dr. Rajanna, Dr. Savitha, Prof. Mugleeshwara, teaching staff and students were present.
Keywords: National College/ Justice Nagamohan Das/ Reservation