No permission for saffron shawl, hijab: If you want classes follow uniform rule – Education Minister B.C. Nagesh

Mysuru, February 7, 2022 ( “If you want to attend classes you have to come to the schools in uniform. We won’t allow anyone who comes wearing a saffron shawl, green shawl, or whatever,” said Primary and Secondary Education Minister B.C. Nagesh.
Speaking in Mysuru today, he said, “You are not allowed inside the mosque. Fight for your rights there. Please don’t bring such fights in education. If you want to attend classes you have to come in uniform. You can come in a hijab till the school gate we don’t mind. But please don’t create such controversies in the educational sector. I have heard students doing Namaz in Kolar. There is no permission for all this,” he said.
“At Kundapura students who are coming
wearing a hijab are made to sit in a separate room. But no classes are held. They are doing this to prevent the students from standing outside. This is not Pakistan to make them stand outside. They are also our children, they are innocent, we know,” he added.
He also alleged that a few politicians are trying to misuse the innocence of girls. We can’t make them sit inside the classroom and teach them not to do this. This is not a religious educational system. Girl students who are coming to the schools wearing a hijab should understand this. We are waiting for the court orders tomorrow. The Education Department will take further measures after that, he said.
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