Siddaramaiah alleges RSS hand behind reservation fight


Mysuru, Mar. 18, 2021 ( Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today expressed his suspicion of RSS hands behind the reservation fights that are taking place in the state. “Whereas everyone knows the history of BJP and RSS have opposed all the Commission reports starting from Millers Commission to Chinnappareddy and Govt. of India’s Mandal Commission. Backward Caste people should understand this,” he said.
In his tweet, he has alleged that the BJP government in the state has vested interests against the backward castes, Dalits and minorities, and hence it has made some plans. Protests should be held against this anti-people stand of the State Government, at the district and taluk levels. I will support those protests completely.Siddaramaiah alleges RSS hand behind reservation fight
“A time has been created where the backward castes have to demand reservations even in the political sector along with jobs and education. The political reservation that is now available for the backward castes in local institutions may have to be extended for parliament too,” he added.
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