Minister Sriramulu alleges violence in New Delhi was planned by Cong. to bring bad name to BJP govt.

Chikkodi, Jan. 27,2021 ( Minister Sriramulu has expressed his ire on Congress party on farmers’ protest turning violent in New Delhi on Republic Day.
He alleged that in fact it is a plan made by the Congress party to bring a bad name to BJP, by provoking the farmers. Farmers’ have never protested on this scale in our country after independence. This is a clear provoking by the Congress party in the wake of elections in five states, he said.congress-planning-bad-name-government-farmers-minister-sriramulu
Speaking at the Hanchanala village in Nippani Taluk, Belagavi District today said, “in order to win the elections the Congress party is provoking the farmers in order to get their support, whereas in fact the Congress party is vanishing both at the national and State-levels. The Congress leaders have become jobless and are doing all this out of frustration.”
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