Implementation of NEP will be difficult without Govt. funds: Prof. Tiruvasagam

Mysuru, March 25, 2022 ( “The National Education Policy – 2020 is a good document. But its effective implementation will be difficult without the State and Union Governments funds,” opined Prof. Tiruvasagam, Chairman, Association of Indian Universities.
He participated in the valedictory function of the Association of Indian Universities Vice-Chancellor’s Conference, held at the Vignana Bhavana, in Manasa Gangotri campus today. “A lot of facilities are required for the implementation of the new NEP. The Universities require special grants for it. Industries should be brought to the campuses. The Universities should give more priority to employment-based education,” he explained.
“There are more than 12 lakh Indian students, who are studying in various universities of other countries like Britain, Russia, America, Ukraine, etc. About 26,000 students from other countries have come to India seeking education. But why are more Indian students going to other countries for education? There is a need to focus on this issue and its solutions. These numbers should reverse,” he observed.
“Thousands of students pass out with degrees from Universities in India every year. But only 18% of them are successful in getting jobs. Why remaining 82% of the students are failing to get jobs? The Universities should think about this,” he said.
Continuing, he said, “The governments should give complete autonomy to the Universities to work properly. The role of private Universities is also more in the higher education system. There are 1800 Universities in India, out of which 523 are Deemed Private Universities. Their contribution to higher education is 20%. The private Universities are laying more light on other aspects, including research. Hence, the government should support and encourage the private universities,” he added.
Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore, AIU General Secretary, Dr. Pankaj Mittal, AMET Vice-Chancellor Dr. J. Ramachandran, Justice Huluwadi G. Ramesh, Nodal Officer Prof. Loknath, Registrar Shivappa, and others were present.
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