Travel from Mysuru to Belagavi at just Rs.921: Special discount from Trujet


Mysuru, Jan. 09, 2021 ( Truejet Company has announced flight travel from Mysuru to Belagavi at just Rs.921 discounted rate.Travel - Mysore -to -Belgaum - Chennai - just -Rs 921-Trujet agency-special discount.
This offer will be available only to those passengers who book the tickets within January 15. Those who want to travel from Mysuru to Belagavi can fly at just Rs.921 from January 9 to October 30. The usual fares on other days are Rs.1,900 to Rs.2,000 from Mysuru to Belagavi and Rs.2,800 to Rs.3,000 from Mysuru to Chennai. So you will be getting this discount only if you book within the next six days.
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