Legal action will be taken against any person who is involved in MUDA case, irrespective of influence

Mysuru, Jan. 9, 2021 ( Mysuru District In-charge Minister S.T. Somashekar today informed that legal action will be taken against any person who is found to be involved in MUDA cases, however influential he or she might be.
Minister S.T. Somashkear visited the Krishdhaama today in Mysuru and sought the blessings of Sri Vishwaprasanna Theerthaswamiji, of the Pejawar Math.muda-scams-biggest-action-minister-st-somashekhar
Speaking later to the press persons he said that legal action will be initiated against any person without fail. “along with the MUDA Chairman have requested the Home Minister to designate a vigilance squad at the level of DySP to MUDA. We have also urged the Chief Minister and the Police Commissioner too. Irrespective of however influential a person may be action will be taken. Action will also be initiated against those who try to support them directly or indirectly,” he added.
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