No Left, No Right, Please teach history as it is: Yaduveer suggests


Mysuru, May 31, 2022 ( The row over school text books curriculum is being debated across the state drawing both appreciation and opposition. In the meantime, member of the Mysuru royal family Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar today said that history shall be taught as it is, without including leftist or rightist factors.
Speaking in Mysuru today, he observed that the children should be taught correct history and it shouldn’t be changed. “Curriculum should be included as per the current educational requirement,” he advised.
In his response over protecting the heritage structures in Mysuru city, he said that the tender process of protecting the heritage structures should change. “As per the present tender process, the structures should be razed down and reconstructed. I wish opportunity would be given to renovate the heritage structures without destroying it. The State and Central governments are not permitting for renovation. It should also change. The ayurveda hospital building has been renovated nicely. It is not only a heritage building, but is also useful for the people. It should become an example,” he observed.
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