“No demand for separate Lingayath Religion”: Former Minister M.B. Patil


Bengaluru, September 3, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): “I did not speak about the Lingayath separate religion, nor there is any struggle for it,” opined former minister M.B. Patil.
Addressing a press meet in Bengaluru today he informed that there are so many sub castes within the Lingayath, Veerashaiva and Panchamasali. “There are totally 99 sub castes and we had demanded for a separate religion by joining all the 99 sub castes and Veerashaivas. I never demanded for a separate religion. The media has misquoted my views. What is the problem if we all join together?” he questioned.
Keywords: Separate religion/ struggle/ no fight/ former Minister M.B. Patil