Mysuru rains: Lingamubdi tank sluices blocked


Mysuru, October 28, 2021 ( The rains which lashed Mysuru city recently have created havoc. In the meantime, it is suspected that the city will be in danger if it continues to rain for a few more days.
Several rainwater drainages have been encroached by people involved in the land mafia. Not only that, the land mafia has not spared even the tank sluice. Two sluices leading to the Lingamubdi tank are blocked with concrete, blocking the outflow of water. It has triggered panic among the citizens who fear breaching the tank bund.
The Lingambudi tank in Mysuru is brimming with water due to the incessant rains. But as the sluices of the tank that helps outflow of additional water are blocked, causing an alarm. It has triggered panic among the residents in the surrounding areas, as the tank bund might breach anytime. In the meanwhile, the citizens have complained that officials concerned have not taken any action though they have been informed.
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