MP Sumalatha Ambareesh alleges illegal mining activities


Mysuru, July 14, 2021 ( Mandya MP Sumalatha Ambareesh has alleged illegal mining activities in the Mandya district. “Mining activities are being undertaken even though the date of license has expired.”
Speaking to the media persons in Mysuru today, she informed the government is not receiving the royalty properly. “In the DISHA meeting had questioned about the crack in KRS dam due to the illegal mining activities. I had questioned whether the dam has developed cracks. But it was used politically,” she explained.
“Local farmers had expressed their anguish about the possibility of a crack in the KRS dam structure due to the illegal mining activities. Is it wrong to express my concern about the possibility of the development of cracks in the structure due to the usage of explosives in illegal mining activities?! Should I have remained quiet?! I have not told anywhere that the dam has developed cracks. I had just raised the question in the DISHA meeting as an MP,” she clarified.
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