KRS dam has not developed any cracks: Someone has given wrong information to Sumalatha: Minister Narayanagowda


Mandya, July 14, 2021 ( “The report clarifying that the KRS dam has not developed any cracks is with us. Someone has given the wrong information to MP Sumalatha. We will send that report to her office also. We request her not to worry about it. But we will support her in the illegal mining activities issue,” said Mandya District In-charge Minister Narayanagowa.
Speaking to the press persons today, in Mandya Minister Narayanagowda said, “People are saying that the illegal mining activities are going on for the last two-and-a-half years. However, we have warned all the officers concerned. We have been informed to keep away the Babybetta issue. We have requested the Deputy Commissioner to show some other place to the two-three mines which are functioning there.”
Further, he explained, “mining should continue as crushed stones and M-Sand is required for construction activities. Let the license holders run it legally. Many are not paying royalty to the government, they should pay royalty properly. It will also help in the development of the district and also the government. We are quite clear about it. Paying royalty only to only 5-10 lorries against 100 lorries is wrong! Roads and the environment are getting damaged. We have informed the Superintendent of Police and other such level officers to initiate action against illegal mining activities. If any such illegal activities are found in the future I will get it seized,” the Minister said.
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