Kantara Effect: ‘Divine Rivalry’ in Mysuru…!


Mysuru, November 25, 2022 (www.justkannada.in): Actor, Director Rishab Shetty shot to fame with his latest movie Kantara, which is running to packed houses even after 50 days. Not only in Karnataka, this movie made sound across the world. Recently, it was released in the OTT too. In the meantime the movie Kantara appears to has impacted the people of Mysuru largely, as temples in the name of the deities shown in that movie is being built and has started competing!
Two temples of Koragajja and Guliga have been built at Kergalli, in Mysuru recently. The temple of Rajadaiva Guilga was built just 10 days ago, just near the Koragajja temple. People are flocking both the temples. However, the traditional rituals are not being held and pujas as usual are being held. People are arriving to these temples with coconut, camphor, lemon and flowers and are offering pujas. In the meantime, allegations of impairing the original rituals as is done in Dakshin Kannada have unearthed.
Blackmail threat for Koragajja temple priest
The Koragajja temple priest Tejukumar has alleged that he is receiving threatening calls demanding money. It is also alleged that a few people with vested interest are threatening him through the police also.
“We have not built this temple after seeing the Kantara movie. We do not have any intention of making money. They (Guliga temple) have built that temple nearby looking our temple. A few persons are demanding money from us. As we didn’t budge to their demands they are making threatening us,” he alleged.
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