Kannada gains supremacy in foreign land


Mysuru, Feb. 26, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): An appeal made by ‘Kannada Kali’ (High School Credit Program), Main Center in Milipitas, and Cupertino Centre, to the Fremont Union High School District seeking approval to teach Kannada as a foreign language elective in March 2020 has been approved in June 2020. Thus Kannada has gained supremacy in a foreign land.


The High School Committee consists of Jyothi Sargur, Sandhya Gayathri, Nirupama Bayar, Vasudha Hegde, Jyothi Shekar, and Mahanesh MC.
In case if any of your children are studying in any of the FUHSD high schools, they can get the advantage of learning Kannada as a foreign language now in their school by seeking pre-approval from their respective school’s Counsellors at Homestead, Fremont, Monta Vista, Cupertino, Lynbrook High Schools, and enroll themselves for Kannada Kali’s HSCP program. You can register through this link https://bakannadakali.org/hscp_registration.html
Keywords: Kannada Kali/ supremacy/ foreign land/ Fremont Union High school District