It is a conspiracy against me: I will prove them wrong – Murughashri exudes confidence


Chitradurga, August 29, 2022 ( Responding to the allegations of sexual harassment against the girl students of the hostel, Shivamurthy Swamiji of the Muruga Math, Chitradurga said that it is a conspiracy against him by some vested interests and he would emerge clean.
Speaking about the case against him, Murughasri requested his devotees and followers not to panic and lose trust. “Let us face the problem calmly. I am facing the situation bravely because of you people. A conspiracy was going on inside the math all these days, which has become public now. Every problem will have an ending,” he said.
“We have to respect the law of land. I am one among those who respect our law. I extend my complete cooperation in any investigation. I am not running away,” he observed.
He also urged the followers of the Math not to believe in rumors. “I am in a respectable position. The Muruga Math used to function as a mobile court once upon a time. Math has never been biased and has given equal importance to all, irrespective of caste and religion. Some unpleasant incident has taken place. I will come out of it,” he said.
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