Indrajeet Lankesh expresses ire on actor Darshan and friends: Makes serious allegations and complains to the Home Minister


Bengaluru, July 15, 2021 ( The Rs.25 crore cheating case allegedly in the name of actor Darshan is taking several twists every day. In the meantime film producer, Indrajeet Lankesh has expressed his ire upon the actor and his friends.
Indrajeet Lankesh has made serious allegations against actor Darshan stating that the latter had attacked a waiter at Hotel Sandesh Prince in Mysuru. Lankesh met the Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai today morning and has lodged a complaint in this regard. He has also requested the home minister to give instructions to the Mysuru police to take against actor Darshan and his friends.
Indrajeet Lankesh address a press meet in Bengaluru today morning after meeting the Home Minister. He leveled serious charges against actor Darshan and his friends Rakesh Pappanna and Harsha of Mysuru.
“Recently star actor Darshan and his gang had visited the Sandesh Prince Hotel in Mysuru and partied. The gang had attacked a waiter in the hotel causing a blur in his vision. Later the gang went to the Police Station and settled the matter. I have the evidence regarding this case. I met the Home Minister today along with the evidence and demanded him to initiate action.
Replying to the press person’s question regarding the Rs.25 crore cheating case Mr. Lankesh said, the person who said he would remove the head has taken a u-turn. He also expressed his ire upon the Mysuru police and stated that the Police Stations in Mysuru have turned into settlement stations. “People are not getting justice,” he alleged.
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