Good news from MCC to people who haven’t paid water bills


Mysuru, August 4, 2022 ( The Mysore City Corporation has given good news to people who have to pay their water supply dues. The MCC has halted imposing compound interest on persons who are not paying water dues on time. A scheme titled ‘Baddi Nischala’ (No Interest) has been introduced in this regard, which will be in force till the next six months.
“Consumers who pay the complete pending water due can avail the benefit of this scheme. People who come under this scheme don’t have to pay interest on interest,” according to MCC Commissioner Lakshmikanth Reddy.
“If the consumers who have availed the benefit of this scheme again delay in paying the basic water dues (within 6 months) again interest will be imposed. But interest on interest will not be imposed. This scheme will concluded after 6 months and the earlier system will continue,” he informed in a press meet, held today.