AI is being used in several areas in the society: UoM VC


Mysuru, February 7, 2022 ( “Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in various areas of the society is growing. Noticeable changes are found in the medical sector too. AI has become inevitable in data digitization in the medical world from the last several years,” opined Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore.
He inaugurated a one-day workshop on the topic, ‘Bioinformatics Tools and Techniques,’ organized by the Genetics and Genomics Department, University of Mysore, held in the Manasa Gangotri campus today.
In his address, he said, “dependence of AI in drug discovery and development has increased today. Improvement can also be found in pharma production and clinical trials. Achieving the targets quickly is one of the large benefits from this, that is why AI is becoming more and more dependable. This time the drug discovery had drawn the notice of the world during the IBM summit. Bioinformatics code was used to start supercomputer simulations and for effective understanding of the Coronavirus,” he explained.
Raghu Rangaswamy, Vice-President, India Operations Shrodingar, Bengaluru, Dr. Amritavalli, Convener, Genetics and Genomics, and Dr. Sutturu Malini, HoD were present on the occasion.
Keywords: University of Mysore/ workshop/ Bioinformatics Tools and Techniques