Environmental Science is a broader area: VC Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar

Mysuru, Nov. 18, 2020 (www.justkannada.in): “Environmental Science is a broader field and it primarily focuses on how the organisms interact with each other and as well with their surroundings,” opined Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice Chancellor of Mysore University.Ecology-Spacious-Field-Chancellor-Prof.G.Hemant Kumar
He was addressing after launching a webinar on ‘Thinking long-term Ecology: The Mudumalai Forest Dynamics Plot’, organised by the Department of Environmental Studies, Mysore University.
“Environmental science deals with the distribution, abundance, and relations of organisms in different ecosystems. A forest ecosystem is a unique ecology, including a very nice community of flora and fauna. When we hear the word forest the first thing that comes to our mind are trees. A forest ecosystem is a place that provides natural habitat to millions of plant and animal species. One such forest is the Mudumalai forest, located in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. It has a common boundary with Wyanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala) on the West, the Bandipur Tiger Reserve (Karnataka) on the North and Nilgiris North Division on the South and Dualur Forest Division on the South West, together forming the large conservation for flagship species such as tiger and asian elephant,” he explained.Ecology-Spacious-Field-Chancellor-Prof.G.Hemant Kumar
Prof. R. Shivappa, Registrar, Mysore University in his address expressed his view that man should learn from nature and it is not possible for us to teach nature. “Learning is a continuous process, we should learn to live along with nature. Ecology is facing many challenges like land and air pollution. Industries are increasing. Hence, everyone of us should become more aware of it and step forward towards thinking how to conserve and protect ecology,” he added.Ecology-Spacious-Field-Chancellor-Prof.G.Hemant Kumar
Prof. R. Sukumaran, of Environment Science Centre of Indian Institute of Science also spoke in the webinar.
Prof. N.S. Raju, Prof. G.V.Venkataramana, Dr. S.Srikantaswamy and others also participated
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