Congress spokesperson M. Lakshmana reveals reason for BJP leaders’ U-turn against Mysuru DC Rohini Sindhuri

Mysuru, May 25, 2021 ( Suspecting BJP leaders’ U-turn against Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Rohini Sindhuri, Congress spokesperson M. Lakshamana has made several allegations against them.
Addressing a press meet today M. Lakshama said that suspecting the incident of BJP leaders sudden opposition against Mysuru DC Rohini Sindhuri the Congress party started collecting information and got to know that the DCs decision to close the Covid care centers in Mysuru was the reason for the BJP leaders to make a U-turn against her.
The Mysuru Deputy Commissioner ordered closing the Covid care center based on the Health Department report as the private centers were collecting more money than the government-stipulated amount.
Covid care centers were formed in three divisions in Mysuru. But a few centers were functioning without the permission of the DHO as a result of BJP leaders’ influence, as they used to get money from those centers. As the DC ordered to close those centers the money the BJP leaders were receiving stopped. Hence, they started giving statements against the DC, he explained.congress-spokesperson-m-lakshman-revealed-bjp-leaders-against-mysore-dc-rohini-sindhuri
Further, he alleged that he would write a letter to the Prime Minister against the Mysuru MP alleging his inaction against the non-availability of injections for the black fungus disease. He also alleged that there is a scam in everything including oxygen, remdesivir, etc., and the BJP leaders have looted Rs. 5,000 crores during the Corona second wave.
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