BJP is trying to mislead Dalits by misquoting Siddaramaiah’s statement: R. Dhruvanarayan

Mysuru, November 6, 2021 ( In his response to the BJP’s allegations, stating that the former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has spoken against Dalits, the KPCC Working President R. Dhruvanarayan today retaliated that the BJP is attempting to mislead the Dalits by misquoting the former Chief Minister.
Speaking to the press persons today in Mysuru, he noted that, during the Madiga community conference held at Sindhagi, Siddaramaiah had just told that a few persons had joined the BJP with self-interest. But the BJP people are misquoting his words and trying to mislead the Dalits, he said.
“Bhagwat, Anant Kumar Hegde, Tejaswi Surya, and a few other BJP leaders had told that Constitution should be changed. The BJP leaders had not responded to it then. Where had the BJP Dalit leaders gone then? It is nothing but an attempt to mislead the Dalits. But their attempt will not become successful as the Dalits have become literates now. Sowing seeds of hatred and dividing religions is BJP’s job. They always notice which caste people are in Congress and try to divide them,” Dhruvanarayan observed.
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