Beef export has increased by 25% after Narendra Modi became PM: Cong. spokesperson M. Lakshmana

Mysuru, Dec. 17, 2020 ( “Introduction of anti-cow slaughter bill is politically motivated. Beef export in the country has increased by 25% after Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister. India is now the second-largest beef exporter in the world today,” said M. Lakshmana, Congress Spokesperson.Narendra Modi-becomes-Prime Minister-export-country-beef25 percent-increase-Congress-spokesman-M.Laxman

Addressing a press meet held at the Congress Bhavana in Mysuru today, he said that about 20 lakh tonnes of beef are exported from India every day. BJP leaders have identified themselves with major beef exporting companies in the country. If BJP leaders believe in principles of Mahatma Gandhi, let them shut companies that export beef,” he challenged.

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