This is a movement in the interest of Karnataka and Kannadigas: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

New Delhi, February 7 : Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said that the protest organized today at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi is against the injustice done by the central government in distribution of taxes to the state. It is a movement to protect the interests of Karnataka and Kannadigas.

He was speaking to the media before participating in the protest against the central government at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi today.

Not a political movement

About 1,87,000 crores grant is due to the state which has not been provided in the last five to six years. The protest is against this injustice. Jantar Mantar is a historical place which has witnessed many movements. All ministers and MLAs including DCM D.K Shivakumar will be participating in this protest. Clarifying that it is not a political movement, the CM said that this against the Central Govt. He said that the state BJP leaders have also been requested to join the protest irrespective of the party.

Out of Rs. 100 only Rs. 12 to 13 Rs given to the state

Stating that it is a historic protest, the CM said that in the 14th Finance Commission, the tax share for the state was 4.71%. It came down to 3.64 % in 15th Finance Commission. The percentage of the tax to the state has been reduced from 40 to 45%. Overall, if the recommendations of the 14th Finance Commission were followed in the 15th Finance Commission, the state would have received Rs 62,098 crore. A total tax amount of 4,30,000 crores is provided to the centre by the state. That means out of 100 Rs.only 12 to 13 rupees is being available to the state in taxes. This is an injustice to Karnataka. 25 MPs have been elected from Karnataka and none of them have spoken before the Centre. Also, the former Chief Ministers of the state, Yediyurappa or Basavaraja Bommai, have not requested the centre to correct this injustice. The chief minister explained that the protest has been organized in New Delhi today for all these reasons.

The centre is providing Rs. 2,80,000 crores to Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan are also given grants. None of these states have taken action on population control. Grant allocation is determined by several criteria including population, per capita income, development of communities. He said that the 2011 census is being considered in the 15th Finance Commission.