The BJP couldn’t fulfil the hunger of the people, can they make our country a Vishwaguru? Siddaramaiah criticizes

Bengaluru, October 27, 2022 ( “The BJP couldn’t provide food for the hungry, can it make our country a Vishwaguru?,” questioned leader of the opposition in the assembly Siddaramaiah.
Mentioning that various issues in our country like hunger, liberty, women employment, etc., has become a laughter in front of the world, Siddaramaiah has severely criticized the BJP, in a press release.sidd
“I had asked 32 questions to Yediyurappa and other BJP leaders who had called for a protest against those who criticize Modi. However, they couldn’t answer to even one question. In the meantime, India is in the 107th place among 121 countries in the global hunger index according to a report. As usual, the BJP people are claiming it as the report is incorrect. The report has been prepared based on the Govt. of India documents and reports, as proven by the people who have conducted the survey. The hunger index has been arrived at based on the data mentioned in the National Family and Health Survey-5, released by the Govt. of India. They have stopped commenting after proving it,” he said.
He mentioned that the BJP government, under the leadership of Narendra Modi has failed in all the sectors and the country is facing a severe crisis and economical danger. “Other than false speeches, they have not achieved anything. All the other countries are moving forward pushing India behind. In order to hide this, the BJP people are misleading the people by bringing factors like caste, religions, communal hatred to the fore. They are depicting that our country is shining, whereas it is going down. If the people won’t understand this they will suffer more.”
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