Survey of drain water canal: Why only near Sa Ra Choultry, conduct survey from starting to end

Mysuru, June 14, 2021 ( Former Mayor B.L. Byrappa today demanded the authorities concerned to conduct a detailed survey of the alleged illegal government land encroachment case in Mysuru, instead of probing only the land located near the Sa Ra Kalyana Mantapa in Dattagalli.
Addressing a press meet in Mysuru today he said, “Former Deputy Commissioner of Mysuru Rohini Sindhuri has taken MLA Sa. Ra. Mahesh’s case personally. Instead of focusing on the illegal land encroachment that has taken place in several places, focusing just on the land located near the convention hall constructed by MLA Sa. Ra. Mahesh itself shows her vendetta. It is not correct on her part to do so. The case should not be limited just to the land located near the Sa. Ra. Convention hall, instead a detailed investigation should be conducted from the starting point of the drain water canal till the end of it,” he demanded.
Further, he alleged that “Request for an investigation on more than 500 decisions taken during the MUDA meeting is made. Thus Rohini Sindhuri’s move is illegal. The MUDA Chairman has approved the decision taken by all the members of MUDA. The MUDA Chairman doesn’t have any power to take a one-sided decision. Rohini Sindhuri has not taken part in the MUDA meetings,” he added..