SC upholds judgement on Union Govt.s 10% reservation for economically backward candidates

New Delhi, November 7, 2022 ( The Hon’ble Supreme Court bench comprising five judges, in its judgement on 10% reservation for the economically backward classes has upheld the government’s decision.
Justice Dinesh Maheshwari, Justice Trivedi and Justice Pardiwala have given judgement supporting the EWS. “Providing reservation for the economically backward classes is not violation of constitution. The purpose of the constitution is not violated by the EWS quota. EWS is not biased. There is reservation for SC and STs. Likewise reservation is also required for the economically backward classes, they observed.
The Government of India has provided 10% reservation in education and jobs for the economically backward classes. An appeal was made in the apex court against this. The Hon’ble SC heard the case and upheld the Union Govt.s decision.
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