Pali language essential to understand Buddha: Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar

Mysuru, August 19, 2022 ( “Knowing Pali language is essential to understand Buddha and Dhamma,” observed Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore.
He inaugurated a workshop on the Pali language, organized by the Pali Institute, Kalaburagi in association with the Jainology and Prakrit Division, University of Mysore, held at the Manasa Gangotri today.
“Pali is one of the ancient languages of India. Samrat Ashoka’s inscriptions are also written in the Pali language. Buddha’s preachings are in that language. Along with Sanskrit, Prakrit and Pali languages were taught in India during ancient times. Hence, to know more about Buddha we need to learn Pali,” he added.
“Today the entire world is burning under violence. Our lives are passing amidst quarrels and confusion. Only meditation has the strength to give us peace. To achieve it we need to understand Buddha,” he said.
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