Mysuru Dasara Mahotsav: ‘Gajapayana’ commences from Veeranahosahalli

Mysuru, September 13, 2021 ( The State Government has decided to celebrate the Mysuru Dasara Mahotsav in a simple manner this year also. In the meantime the ‘Gajapayana’ commenced from Veeranahosahalli today.
All the 8 elephants that have been selected to take part in the Jamboo Savari this year were offered pooja traditionally at Veeranahosahalli in Hunsur Taluk, as usual. There are totally 5 male and 3 female elephants in this year’s procession elephants list.
The elephant herd led by the 56-year-old Captain Abhimanyu left for the cultural capital of the state Mysuru today from Veeranahosahalli. The herd will reach the Aranya Bhavan in Ashokpuram, Mysuru today evening in lorries. The elephant herd will enter the Ambavilasa Palace on October 16. The elephants will be welcomed by the District Administration which has made arrangements to offer the traditional pooja rituals.
The 34-year-old Ashwathama is taking part in the Jamboo Savari this year for the first time. The other elephants in the herd include Vikrama (58 years), Dhananjaya (43), Kaveri (44), Chaitra (48), Lakshmi (20).
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