MLA Tanveer Sait rebukes State Govt. at Tipu Jayanti celebrations

Mysuru, Nov.10, 2020 ( “The State Government is politicizing Tipu Jayanti celebrations, it has not done any pro-people work till now,they should be ashamed of themselves,” opined MLA Tanveer Sait.mysore-mla-tanveer-sait-rebels-against-government-tippu-jayanti
He participated in the Tipu Jayanti celebrations held at the Apnaghar in Banni Mantap, Mysuru. Alleging that historians had attempted to twist the truth, he said there are hundreds of Tipu’s followers in the State who have been celebrating Tipu Jayanti from many years and cautioned the government not to hurt their sentiments. He challenged the government to ban alcohol and gambling if they have guts.mysore-mla-tanveer-sait-rebels-against-government-tippu-jayanti

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