MLA compares Mysuru DC Rohini Sindhoori to Hitler

Mysuru, Nov. 27, 2020 ( In his continued tirade against Mysuru DC Rohini Sindhoori, MLA H.P. Manjunath has yet again expressed his dissatisfaction by comparing her to Hitler.I didn't knew CM BSY will think so cheaply - KPCC President D.K. Shivakumar
Speaking at a press meet held in Mysuru, H.P. Manjunath said that the Mysuru DC is behaving like Hitler. “Elected representatives asking questions in KDP meetings is common. Accordingly I have also asked a question, but she has taken it personally.mysore-dc-rohini-sindhuri-hitler-mla-hp-manjunath-compare

She appears to be social media savvy, hence the letter written by her did not reach me. It seems that she has managed that the letter reaches the public directly through the social media. I also got to know about it only through internet. Her letter appears like a notice. She is just a public servant, not a dictator,” he said.
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