Let the ideals and principles of Kanakadasa keep leading us: UoM VC

Mysuru, November 22, 2021 (www.justkannada.in): “Saints are those who propagate the essence and perfume of spirituality to the world and attain divinity. Kanakadasa is one such rare character. I wish his tenets and ideals keep leading us always,” opined Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar, Vice-Chancellor, University of Mysore.
He inaugurated a program organized at the University of Mysore, on the occasion of Kankadasa Jayanthi today. Reciting one of Kanakadasa’s poems, “Kula, Kula, Kulavendru Hodedaadiri, Nimma Kulada Neleyanenadaroo Ballira?”, which translates into, “Do not struggle,do not fight over clan, descent, ancestry, are you aware of, the base of your clan?”, he said, it is so relevant even today. A 15 ft tall statue has been built in his memory. It is a wonderful statute,” he added.
Keywords: University of Mysore/ Prof. G. Hemanth Kumar/ Kanakadasa Jayanthi/ program