KPCC working president Dhurvanarayan defends his statement on RSS

Mysuru, August 23, 2021 ( “Even today I defend my statement on RSS. There are certain similarities between the RSS and Taliban,” opined KPCC Working President R. Dhruvanarayan.
Speaking in Mysuru today he explained that there is no entry for women in RSS. Both the RSS and Taliban are working based on religion. “That is why I compare RSS with Taliban. I am committed about whatever I speak about both BJP and RSS,” he said.
In his response about the Mysuru mayoral elections, he informed that the Congress party needs the Mayor post for the next months. “Let the JDS retain both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor posts for the remaining period. The JDS had given a public statement regarding this. I had discussed this with Sa. Ra. Mahesh about this. He had informed that he would get the opinion of the Corporator first. I had called him yesterday, but he didn’t receive my call. Anyway, I am hopeful that we will get the Mayor post,” he added.
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