Heavy rain leaves several residential areas in Bengaluru inundated

Bengaluru, September 6, 2022 (www.justkannada.in): Several areas of Bengaluru are inundated, as rain pounded the capital city. Many roads wore the look of lakes resulting in havoc and leaving the citizens helpless.
It is said that Bengaluru has witnessed heaviest rains in the last 14 years. Several houses, IT-BT company office buildings, apartments are inundated in rain water, creating havoc among the people. The situation is said to have arised due to the encroachment of lakes, tanks and converting them into residential localities. As a result of this, the same situation continues during every rainy season.


About 11,000 chicken have died due to the gushing of rain water into a chicken farm in Narayanapura, in Devanahalli Taluk. The farm belongs to Ramakrishna.
According to the Meterological Department, rains will continue to pound Bengaluru till September 9. Several schools and colleges have declared a holiday and have returned to online classes. Several IT companies which had recommenced working offline also reverted and instructed its employees to work from home again.
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