We will decide on reopening schools within the next two days: Education Minister Suresh Kumar


Bengaluru, Dec.18, 2020 (www.justkannada.in): “The State Government is contemplating reopening the schools in the State, and a decision will be arrived at in this regard, in the next two days,” said Primary and Secondary Education Minister Suresh Kumar.

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The Covid Technical Advisory Committee has suggested opening the schools. In his response to this, Education Minister Suresh Kumar said, “all arrangements are being made to commence the schools from the new year. Covid testing will also be mandatory. In the first phase, we will commence SSLC and PUC classes and later discuss commencing other classes. If classes begin, exams will be in June or July. We will not make students suffer we will set the time table so that it will be convenient for them. We will decide in this regard within the next two days,” he explained.
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