Ukraine-Russia war: It is not so easy to intervene – MP Pratap Simha


Mysuru, February 25, 2022 ( Responding to the question on Ukraine’s appeal to the Govt. of India to intervene in the war between Russia and Ukraine, Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha today said it is not so easy.
Speaking in Mysuru today, he said, “Expectations of the international community from India has raised. But it is not so easy to intervene. The Russian President himself has called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and spoke to him. International affairs are very sensitive, taking any decisions is very difficult. I am not a big person to give suggestions to the Govt. of India or Prime Minister Modi. But there is a cordial relationship between Modi and Putin. I don’t know the result of their telephonic discussion. Self-interest will be important to all the countries,” he said.ath
In his reply to the question of protecting the Indians who are stranded in Ukraine, MP Pratap Simha informed that the Government of India is committed to protecting all Indians. “Fear has gripped the entire world. Many students from India are stranded in Ukraine. The Government of India has held a meeting in this regard with the Ukrainian government. The government of India is also all set to send a flight to bring back the Indians stranded there. Our PM has spoken regarding this with the Russian President Vladimir Putin,” he added.
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