Three out of the 7 children who were missing from Bengaluru found


Bengaluru, October 11,2021 ( Seven children from Bengaluru had gone missing on Saturday. Out of them, three children have been found.
The children who have been found are Parikshit, Kiran, and Nandan. They were found in the Upparpet Police Station limits. About seven children from Bengaluru had gone missing on Saturday morning when they had gone out jogging at 5.30 am. It is learnt that the three children who have been found yesterday had taken a sum of Rs. 1,500 each with them. They had planned to go to Mangaluru. However, they changed their mind and went to Mysuru and have returned to Bengaluru on Sunday night.
All the three were found near the Anand Rao Circle, who were rescued by the Upparpet Police.
Four other children are reportedly missing from Soladevanahalli limits. It is learnt that all these children have left a note stating they are leaving home as they are not interested in studies.
The four missing children are named Amruthavarshini, Bhoomi, Chintan, and Royan. The police are hunting for them. It is also said that all these four children had left the home with a few sports materials and water bottles. The parents of these children are worried and are keeping their fingers crossed expecting their children to return.
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