The bill was ready when Siddaramaiah was the CM: We have made just a few changes to it – Revenue Minister R. Ashok


Belagavi, December 23, 2021 ( The BJP led state government is all set to implement the anti-conversion bill in the state. Meanwhile, it is said that the bill was prepared when Siddaramaiah was the Chief Minister.
Siddaramaiah is said to have signed the Karnataka Religious Freedom Bill prepared by the Law Department when he was the Chief Minister. Keeping the document, the BJP leaders created a row in the assembly.
Speaking about this the Revenue Minister R. Ashok informed that the Congress people do not have any morality to oppose the bill as it was prepared when Jayachandra was the Law Minister. “It was prepared observing the dangers that may arise in the future due to religious conversions. We have made just a few changes to it and introduced it in a new form. Congress won’t become a champion of the minorities… why are the protestors scared…? he questioned.
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