Struggle to include Kurubas under ST category: K.S. Eshwarappa says no to politics


Mysuru, Dec. 29, 2020 ( “Please don’t do politics in our struggle to include Kurubas under ST category. A Swamiji is involved in this. We shall consider it as a temple. We will keep politics aside,” opined Rural Development Minister K.S. Eshwarappa.shepherds-Adding-ST-Fight-Beginning-Siddaramai-house-hosadurga-Shree Ishwaranandpuri Swamiji 
Speaking at a programme held in Mysuru today he said that if Kurubas get justice it is like Hinduism getting justice. “I am a person who has believed in the tenets of Hinduism throughout my life. It will be wrong if I speak only about Kurubas. Kurubas are also Hindus,” he added.
“I will fight to include Kurubas under ST category, it is my duty. I have been involved in this struggle being a Minister. Many people ask me to resign from my post and struggle for justice. But I intend to enlighten Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Sha. That is why I am participating in and conducting jathas and padayatras. There is no role of RSS in this. RSS unites society, it never tries to break society. If anyone speaks about RSS without knowing anything about I won’t reply,” he said.
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