State Government orders to celebrate Kannada Kaayaka Varsha


Bengaluru, Nov. 28, 2020 ( The State Government which has stepped forward in making Kannada as the administrative language of the state has announced the next one year as the ‘Kannada Kaayaka Varsha’.order-kannada-kayaka-varsha-state-government
The State government has issued orders to observe the next whole year as Kannada year, with a view of protecting and developing Kannada language. The orders have been issued following the call for a state-wide bundh by pro-Kannada organisations of the state. It appears that the State government is attempting to exhibit it’s love towards Kannada language and hence has stated that all the government circulars should be in Kannada and also given instructions to develop computer applications in Kannada language, apart from preparing all the department policies and other drafts in Kannada.
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