Shock for comman man: Prices of LPG hiked again


Bengaluru, March 1, 2021 ( Prices of fuel is increasing constantly in the country leaving the common man in a lurch. The Union Government has given another shock to the people by increasing the prices of LPG again.

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The prices of every LPG cylinder has been increased by Rs.25. With this the price of each LPG cyliner has seen an increase of Rs.125 in the last one month. The price of one LPG cylinder which was Rs.797 is now Rs.822.
The prices of commercial LPG cylinders have also been increased by Rs.96. Thus the price of each commercial LPG cylinder which was Rs.1570 is available at Rs.1666 now.
Hotel inudstry appears to be the worst hit with this increase in prices of fuel.
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