Sexual harassment charges against Mangaluru’s top advocate Rajesh Bhat: Case filed


Mangaluru, October 19, 2021 ( A law student in Mangaluru has filed a case at the Women’s Police station in Pandeshwara, Mangaluru, against renowned advocate Rajesh Bhat, alleging him of sexually harassing her.
It is said that the girl who is a law student joined advocate K.S.N. Rajesh’s office as an internee. In her complaint, the girl has alleged that Rajesh Bhat called her inside his cabin and behaved indecently and sexually harassed her.
Rajesh Bhat is a renowned advocate in Mangaluru. An audio clipping said to have taken place between the advocate, and the student had gone viral in the city about two days ago. In the audio clipping, the advocate has requested the girl to come to the office and confesses that the incident won’t repeat in the future. The advocate is said to have pleaded with the girl, “Please forget it.”
Speaking about the case, Mangaluru Police Commissioner Shashikumar has informed that the student has filed a sexual harassment complaint against the advocate, and a case is already registered. “We are investigating the case, and we will submit a detailed report to the Hon’ble court after completing the investigation,” he informed.
It is also said that the Police Commissioner visited the office of the advocate Rajesh Bhat, but had to return as the office was locked.
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