Row over ‘Gumbaz’ bus stop: State Cong. ridicules BJP v/s BJP fight


Mysuru, November 16, 2022 ( The Karnataka State Congress Committee has ridiculed the row between BJP leaders in Mysuru on the row over the ‘Gumbaz’ type bus stop.
In a tweet, the State Congress said the fight between BJP leaders MP Pratap Simha and MLA S. A. Ramadas is proof of the fire inside the BJP. “The MP is set to demolish the bus stop constructed by the MLA of his party. Instead of finding fault in others let the BJP first look at its problems,” the tweet read.
“Earlier the MP Pratap Simha had once broken a barricade, and now he says he will demolish the bus stop. He says he will run a JCB over the bus stop. The JCB should be the first run over on his house. After all, taking over the properties of those who destroy public properties, running over JCBs are all BJP’s moves,” the tweet further read.
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